An Arts Society Children's Trail, aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12, guides the participant round a place of worship or historic building as a treasure hunt, so they see its art, architecture, history and furnishings.  The aim is to encourage children to explore, learn and enjoy the experience so that they are inspired to visit other such buildings.


The trail, produced by a small group of volunteers and printed on a double-sided, illustrated A4 sheet which includes a simple map of the church, asks them to answer questions, find items, count, read and draw as they go.  A corresponding answer sheet is provided, with additional background information for accompanying adults. The church is presented with a number of copies of the trail, laminated answer sheets and a CD enabling further copies to be printed by the church, and which can be used by other interested groups.


The Arts Society Ascot, in collaboration with the Arts Society Englemere, has now completed its first Children’s Trail. This is at the church of St Michael and All Angels in Sunninghill. The trail was launched on 22nd May 2018 with the participation of the Year 5 Class from St Michael’s C of E Primary School, Sunninghill. Following an introduction and explanation of what was required, the Vicar, Stephen Johnson, addressed the children before they set off on the trail. The children worked their way round the church in small groups, accompanied by their teachers and volunteers from the two societies, answering questions about features of the church including its architecture, stained glass windows and items of church furnishings to name but a few.  


On completion of the trail, the children enjoyed squash and biscuits, before hearing the answers and some additional information. They were presented with stickers and a certificate for the school. They thoroughly enjoyed the event and all agreed that they had learnt a lot.  

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