"Churches in Britain encapsulate much of the complex history of these islands. Nearly every town and village has its own parish church and most often it is the oldest building, set apart from the dwellings of ordinary people. Many churches are truly ancient, the first buildings of stone by early Christians, dating back to a time when religion was the mainspring of society. It is not uncommon to find a church built by the Norman settlers of the 11th century but it is unusual for any church to date from only one century; many may have something to offer from every period of our history. 

Although there has been a constant evolution over the centuries, we can recognise three distinct periods: the six hundred years to the Reformation in the mid-16th century; the next three hundred years during which a whole series of fundamental changes were followed by a period of stagnation; and finally a re-awakening from the 1840s to today"          

Inside Churches - a guide to church furnishings; NADFAS; (1993)



St Mary's Church Winkfield

The current project is St Mary’s church, Winkfield. This is a lovely old church with some interesting contents from a range of dates. The team of church recorders has members from several societies, and goes by the name of Windlebrook Church Recording Group. Work began here in Autumn 2016, and is almost finished.



St Michael the Archangel, Warfield   (photo)

The record has been completed and a two-volume bound copy was presented to the church by the Group Leader, Alison Day, on Sunday 8th May 2016.  Members from several societies were involved and  attended the presentation. It has been an interesting project.  This same year the church celebrated 1000 years of  a church on the site.



Members of the Ascot society have been Church Recorders at:

  • All Saints, Ascot;
  • All Souls, South Ascot;  
  • St John the Baptist, Windlesham;
  • St Michael and All Angels, Sunninghill;
  • Thorpe St Mary;
  • St Bartholomew’s, Wanborough;
  • Chobham St Lawrence;
  • St Michael & Mary Magdelene, Easthampstead, 
  • St Michael’ the Archangel, Warfield.