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05 November 2019From Downton to Gatsby – Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 to 1929
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04 June 2019Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
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05 February 2019The Wallace and Frick Collections and their connection with Knole
08 January 2019Edouard Manet and Music
04 December 2018Giles: His Life, Times and Cartoons
06 November 2018Thomas Heatherwick: “ The Leonardo da Vinci of Our Times”
02 October 2018Captain James Cook and the Enlightenment
03 July 2018Buried Treasures - Spectacular Hoards of Late Roman Silver
05 June 2018Art UK: Uncovering the Nation’s Hidden Oil Painting Collection
01 May 2018The Art of Royal Dress – Why Clothes Matter
03 April 2018Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
06 March 2018Toulouse-Lautrec and the Cabarets of Paris
06 February 2018Votes for Women! – Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians
09 January 2018The Emperor Hadrian (AD117-138): Architecture as an expression of Imperial Power
05 December 2017Children’s Book Illustrations
07 November 2017Looking at Furniture: Its uses, application, evaluation and aesthetics
03 October 2017Image and History – Art at the Lansdowne Club
04 July 2017Edgar Degas – Realist or Impressionist?
06 June 2017Treasures of the Turf
02 May 2017The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert – Queen of Paris
04 April 2017Absolutely Classic! Neo Classicism in Regency England

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From Downton to Gatsby – Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 to 1929 Mr Andrew Prince Tuesday 05 November 2019

For the series Downton Abbey, Andrew was commissioned to produce many jewels for the main characters, and this inspired him to create a talk based on Downton and the changing styles of the time portrayed. Jewellery and Fashion are often seen as two entirely separate and distinct fields of design, but this is very far from the case. In his talk Andrew guides you through the extraordinary periods and events between 1890 and 1929, where the great fashion houses collaborated with the finest of jewellers to produce works of art of outstanding quality and glittering opulence. Along with this he discusses the clients and patrons who commissioned the jewels and how they were worn with the sumptuous gowns.

Andrew Prince has had a passion for the jewellery since he was a small child. At the age of nine, a visit to an exhibition at the V&A, exhibiting Renaissance jewels proved a revelation. Dazzled by the splendour and opulence of the jewels on show, Andrew decided then and there that creating jewellery was what he wanted to devote his life to. His passion for jewellery grew and in 1987 he visited Geneva to view the auction of the Duchess of Windsor's jewellery collection, where he held pieces created by some of the world's greatest jewellers, fashioned from only the finest of stones and set in designs of outstanding quality. For the young Andrew, it was a life-changing experience. On leaving school, Andrew started work in London’s Bond Street, working for The Antiques Roadshow expert Ian Harris. He then joined the renowned contemporary jeweller Elizabeth Gage and worked with her on the design and production side. Andrew now creates some of the finest crystal jewellery in the world - from spectacular wedding tiaras, combs and bands, to elegant crystal earrings and bracelets. Andrew has delivered highly entertaining, informative lectures on the history of jewellery and fashion to audiences around the world. His exquisite jewelled creations have adorned celebrities ranging from Michael Jackson to Miss Piggy, and featured in films and TV shows including Downton Abbey.