We meet on the first Tuesday of the month (not in August & September).  Lecture meetings begin promptly at 10.30am and finish by noon. April is an exception: this meeting starts at 10.15 with the AGM before the lecture, so only members may attend on this day. 

Normally, members and guests are welcome from 9.50am, when we serve coffee and biscuits until 10.20am, giving everyone the opportunity to meet and chat before the lecture begins.

The presentations are of a high standard and given by experts approved by The Arts Society. They cover a great variety of subjects, and are frequently followed up by outings to places of interest.

We support the arts in our area through volunteering, with Church Trails and Church Recording, and we fund Young Arts projects in a local school.

The Arts Society Ascot is run by its members, and we encourage members to participate. 

By ‘the arts’, we mean the decorative and fine arts.

  • The decorative arts are arts or crafts concerned with the design and manufacture of beautiful objects that are also functional and include enamelwork, pottery, furniture, glassware, rugs and carpets, metalware, stained glass, tapestry, mosaics, floral decoration and lacquerwork.
  • The fine arts have always been: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, with performing arts including theatre and dance. Today they also include film, photography and more.

Members are automatically enrolled in THE ARTS SOCIETY (NADFAS) with its benefits which include the quarterly magazine THE ARTS SOCIETY REVIEW.

The social side is important to us and our committee organises a Summer lunch in a local restaurant in July which is a lovely occasion.

Our annual tour of several days alternates between home and abroad and is a social time as well as cultural. It usually takes place in September.

We welcome members of the public to join the Society, and if you would like to come along to a meeting to see what it’s like, please get in touch through the Contact us page.


Our society was set up in 1989 as Ascot Decorative & Fine Arts Society, a member of the National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS).  NADFAS made the decision to rebrand and in May 2017 changed its name to THE ARTS SOCIETY.  Our group was renamed THE ARTS SOCIETY ASCOT.

In the early days of our society, after an initial few months at the Chartered Institute of Engineering at Englemere House, Ascot, we moved to the Royal British Legion Hall at Cranbourne and met at this venue until it closed down in 2015.  Since then we have been meeting at the Bracknell Rugby Club.

Ascot DFAS was the first group in our area, and one of the smaller societies, restricted by the size of the largest available premises.  Our group was known to be enthusiastic and friendly, and continues to surprise and stimulate with learning and fun.

The logo - The Golden Gates

When the Ascot Society started we ran a competition amongst the membership for a logo.  A logo ought to be simple and to the point (like the Woolmark, the National Lottery, etc) but although we had lots of lovely entries they were almost all images of horses, which did not convey ‘decorative & fine arts’.  The members voted and the winner, which is far from an 'ideal logo’, was what you see: above right.

It is a fairly rough sketch – not a photograph – drawn in the traditional colours of Ascot: black and white – of the Golden Gates, which are an Ascot landmark, and a wrought iron work of decorative art.   Conceptually, it shows gates enclosing the society, which open to allow members to enter a new area of learning.